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About µPepArray

 µPepArray Pro is a tool to provide μPepArray Layout (which consists of a peptide sequence list and a peptide array-location file). The Layout files are required by the synthesis of addressable μPepArrays.

µPepArray Pro currently can generate arrays of phosphopeptides and those of protein kinase substrates and epitope peptides will be available soon. The tool program can read user-provided sequence-list or search databases. Currently, Phospho.ELM and PepCyber P~PEP are supported. The designed Layout file will incorporate peptides to be synthesized, synthesis quality controls, assay controls, specific user defined positive and negative references. The number of replicates and other design features will be displayed automatically.

You can select existing catalog µPepArray Layout files or save your own design for future use.

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Design µPepArray

Enter parameters for rows and columns for an array

I.  Define peptides of a panel
    a. Select SEED peptides
    b. Derive related peptides to SEED
    c. Write controls (peptides, blank, etc.)
    d. Number replicate
    e. Make final peptide selections
II.  Repeat I for a second panel of peptides
III.  Select the panels to be included in μPepArray
IV.  Save the Layout file(optional)

Write array into a Excel file(specific row and column address for each peptide)

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